Narrative Practices Adelaide are actively involved in the provision of supervision for therapists, counsellors, health workers and community workers who seek to reflect on their work. Shona, Maggie and Rob have worked as supervisors for many years and bring with them wide ranging experiences of work within organisations, as external consultants to organisations and of supervision within independent practice. The practical experience of our ongoing therapeutic with individuals, families and groups informs and shapes our work in supervision and this is important to us.

We are drawn to an orientation to supervision that closely mirrors the practices of narrative therapy and through engaging with stories workers have of their abilities to do their work well, to discover hopeful and skilful responses to challenging circumstances and conversations that assist therapists to reflect on their work we work towards a form of supervision that fosters a re-invigoration of professional identity. It is our view that sustaining ourselves in the work we do becomes most possible though conversations that connect us with what is given value and that effectively link us with others who embrace a shared spirit of solidarity.

We offer supervision in a variety of forms including individual supervision, team supervision, peer supervision and can arrange to meet in a variety of places including at our rooms in Hindmarsh, on Skype or locally with your own teams.

From time to time NPA offers training in narrative approaches to supervision. Information about supervision workshops offered by NPA is available at FOR ENQUIRIES about supervision or to speak with Maggie, Shona or Rob please call 83402240 or email

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