Narrative Practices Adelaide Teaching Faculty offers a range of narrative therapy training programmes within Australia and internationally. We work in collaboration with other narrative therapy centres to support their course design and teaching work and we are invigorated through these connections across cultures and language groups.

The NPA Teaching Faculty comprises Maggie Carey, Lisa Johnson, Shona Russell, Rob Hall and Terry Callahan. A key feature of our teaching work comes from our current and ongoing work as therapists within organisational, community, mental health and justice systems. Our teaching is constantly shaped by our practical approach and exploration of narrative therapy ideas and practices.

Maggie and Shona have been involved in teaching narrative therapy since the early 2000’s. For many years we were active contributors to the Dulwich Centre International Training Programme. In 2002 and in collaboration with Alice Morgan, Carolyn Markey and Sue Mann we formed the Narrative Teaching Partnership. This was an exciting time during which we worked closely with Michael White in further developing the skills of teaching narrative practices and from which we have gone on to describe a narrative pedagogy.

The focus of Rob’s training relates to his extensive practice of working in the area of gender violence and abuse, inviting men to take responsibility for the violence they engage with and to find ways to ensure the safety and well being of people they had abused.

Rob continues to seek ways of further ensuring that intervention with people who have perpetrated abuse is practiced in ways that are consistent with, and that promote, responsibility, respect, fairness and accountability. A counselling approach which is consistent with these ideas entails the development of practice as an ethical journey.

Rob has shared these explorations of practice in many seminars and workshops, and, as an associate of the Adelaide Narrative Therapy Centre, he looks forward to further collaboration in the development of these practices.

Maggie, Shona and Rob work in partnership with Aboriginal colleagues as teachers of the Diploma of Narrative Approaches for Aboriginal People ( counselling, group work and community work) run through Nunkuwarrin Yunti, South Australia. They are actively involved in the design and implementation of this course as well as to shifting the practice of teaching as it is shaped by Aboriginal cultural knowledges, skills and ceremony.

Lisa, Maggie, Shona, Rob and Terry are involved in short and longer narrative therapy training programmes. The NPA 2016 Training Programme includes introductory courses, narrative therapy five day intensives, specific interest workshops and our popular one year training programme. For more information of if you are interested in a course that is designed to accomodate your specific interests email:

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Narrative Therapy Workshop Faculty

Maggie Carey

Maggie Carey has been involved in the practice of narrative therapy since the early 90's and in the teaching of it for the past 10 years. Maggie's therapeutic practice has seen her working alongside young people at risk, with women and children who live with the effects of violence and abuse, and with people having experienced trauma, particularly as refugees.

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Shona Russell

Shona Russell has worked as a teacher of narrative approaches to therapy and community work for many years.She finds the intersection of therapeutic work and teaching very energising and enjoys these explorations with workshop participants. Shona has been an active faculty member of the Dulwich Centre International programme, a Diploma course in Narrative approaches for Aboriginal people and the Narrative Teaching Partnership.

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Rob Hall

Rob has been working in the area of gender violence and abuse since 1980. Rob continues to seek ways of ensuring that intervention with people who have perpetrated abuse is practiced in ways that are consistent with, and promote, responsibility, respect, fairness and accountability.

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Lisa Johnson

Lisa Johnson is a psychologist and trained teacher using narrative practices in therapy and teaching contexts across community, private practise and education settings. Lisa's interest in narrative ideas began in the late 90's working with young people who found themselves navigating juvenile justice and foster care systems.

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Terry Callahan

Terry has worked in non-government community settings in Melbourne and Adelaide for more than ten years, attending to a wide range of counselling needs, including depression, anxiety, work-related stress, and responding in particular to community concerns about violence in families and relationships. He has engaged over the years with community education for peace, small communities development, and collaborative work with writers, artists and actors to bring forward the stories of persons marginalised in our society.

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