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A global learning community of narrative therapy practitioners, teachers and enthusiasts

Re-authoring Teaching, Inc. is a consortium of narrative practice teachers, practitioners and enthusiasts from around the world who seek to promote training and professional development in a narrative approach to therapy, organizational, and community work. The term, “Re-authoring Teaching” is a play on the term “Re-authoring Conversations” that Michael White and David Epston coined in their original description of narrative therapy.

Our narrative training follows five guiding principles, building on themes outlined in the book Re-authoring Teaching: Creating a Collaboratory: to consult with each other, bring multiple voices into our teaching and learning, and learn about life experiences from people who seek our services. We also aspire to enact wider narrative therapy principles such as collaboration, transparency, and respect; building on everyone’s skills and knowledge; minimizing hierarchy and reckoning with power and challenging traditional myths about insider knowledge and professionalism.

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Some of the training opportunities and resources available through Re-Authoring Teaching are as follows:

The Collab Salon

The Collab Salon is a monthly webinar when online faculty and members from around the world meet together informally in real time. Our “meetings on a cloud” always occur on the third Sunday, and each month we focus on a different theme as a starter dough for invigorating conversation. Sometimes we feature our Narrative Faculty and at other times we come together as equals around a particular shared interest area. Our meetings last about an hour (sometimes a bit longer, but not more than 1-1/2 hours).

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CE Courses Online

Our online courses offer stimulating content, meaningful conversation with practitioners throughout the world and practice applications with the option of gaining Continuing Education Credit.

All our courses draw from the best of teaching experiences and everyday practices as narrative practitioners with plenty of opportunities for practice. Best of all, our courses are adaptable to mobile devices such as iPhones, Androids, iPads and tablets!

Our online courses have been under construction since 2011. A grant from The Taos Institute helped lay the foundation for developing our Online Learning Series that brings together the best of our online learning tools – video, audio, written materials, discussion forums and webinars. We offer stimulating content, meaningful conversation with practitioners throughout the world and practice applications – all for Continuing Education Credit through our partnership with Union Institute and University.

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An Introduction to Rich Story Development - An Online Course with Maggie Carey, available from October 2015

An Introduction to Rich Story Development offers a clear, concise and down-to-earth journey into topics about story development including the narrative metaphor, landscapes of stories, double listening, loitering with intent, mapping meaning and action, personal agency, listening for resonance, making links, and neurobiology. This course captures some of Maggie’s best teaching moments from her June, 2014 workshop in Shelburne, Vermont, Catching up with Narrative therapy: The Art of Going Slowly with Intent .  Registration gives six months of access to course materials, a Conversation Forum and three Webinars.

Participants will:

  • Gain an understanding of the ways in which the various micro-practices of Narrative Therapy are linked.

  • Develop skills in inviting the development and embodiment of rich stories of self.

  • Be able to identify small openings for story development.

  • Gain an enhanced understanding of the conceptual landscape of identity.

  • Utilize appropriate pathways to the development of stories of personal agency.

  • Attend to the constraints of time and resource in workplace settings.

Cost: US$180.00.

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We host workshops in Vermont, USA, that create rigorous and lively learning experiences where participants can further develop skills in narrative approaches in collaboration with others.

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Higher Ed

Our Partners, Workshop Presenters, and Narrative Online Faculty are working together to build a supportive network and narrative practice resource library available to higher education institutions.

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Our Faculty and Community of Presenters

Our faculty draws from the best of our teaching experiences and everyday practices as narrative practitioners to provide professional development, continuing education and higher education resources with a focus on skill-building and application in a range of mental health, health care, coaching and community contexts.

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