Terry Callahan

Terry has worked in non-government community settings in Melbourne and Adelaide for more than ten years, attending to a wide range of counselling needs, including depression, anxiety, work-related stress, and responding in particular to community concerns about violence in families and relationships. He has engaged over the years with community education for peace, small communities development, and collaborative work with writers, artists and actors to bring forward the stories of persons marginalised in our society.

His ongoing independent therapeutic work focuses on respectful and accountable ways of assisting men to address their use of tactics of violence, abuse and control in their relationships with partners, ex-partners and children. He is also interested in assisting those suffering the ongoing effects of violence and trauma. An emerging focus is work with adolescents and children who use violence/abuse against parents/siblings or carers.

Terry is also available for supervision, especially for those working with issues of violence and trauma.

Terry has a Masters of Social Work degree (University of South Australia), and postgraduate qualifications in Counselling and Human Services (La Trobe), Narrative Therapy (Dulwich Adelaide) and undergraduate degrees in Arts (Monash) and Theology (Melb College of Divinity).


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