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Shona Russell

Since beginning work as a family therapist in a non Government community based organization Shona has been enthused by the narrative approach. She went on to study narrative therapy and has made this the focus of her therapeutic work for over fifteen years. Shona’s therapeutic work spans a range of contexts including a specialist service working with the effects of historical sexual abuse, a family therapy team, and independent practice where Shona works with young people, women, men and couples in response to a wide range of concerns.

From 1992-1995 Shona was coordinator of a community mental health project run through Dulwich Centre, Adelaide. This community based mental health project was designed to provide an option for consumers who had been long term clients of the mental health system and who were searching for an alternative. Amongst other things contexts were created where consumers could come together to share stories of their lives and develop connections with each other as well as develop archives of the knowledge’s and skills they drew on to manage the mental health concerns they lived with.

Alongside her therapeutic work Shona is inspired through her work as a teacher of narrative therapy providing workshops both locally and internationally. She has worked for many years on the Dulwich Centre Teaching Faculty and through this work became very interested in exploring narrative practices in the context of trauma. Such explorations have enabled Shona to work with colleagues in a range of countries including Bangladesh, Columbia, Mongolia, Palestine and Zimbabwe. Shona is currently involved in year long courses in South America.

A key component of Shona’s work is the provision of supervision both for individual practitioners and teams. She is actively involved in rigorous reflection regarding the process of supervision and enjoys the possibilities that emerge in collaboration with others.

In the realms of therapeutic practice, teaching and supervision Shona treasures the connections she has with colleagues and the emergence of ideas that can come from these connections. She is up-lifted to join Maggie and Rob in the development of Narrative Practices Adelaide.


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