Robert Hall

Rob has been working in the area of gender violence and abuse since 1980. He worked in an emergency counselling service with a team exploring new approaches to inviting men to take responsibility for their violence to and to find ways to ensure the safety and well being of people they had abused.

He then joined a colleague, Alan Jenkins, in the further development of work with men who have perpetrated abuse, and has more recently been focussing on approaches to working with adolescents who have sexually abused. Together with others, Rob and Alan formed an organization called Nada, and have developed a partnership, in this work, with Maxine Joy and Alison Newton.

Rob continues to seek ways of further ensuring that intervention with people who have perpetrated abuse is practiced in ways that are consistent with, and that promote, responsibility, respect, fairness and accountability. A counselling approach which is consistent with these ideas entails the development of practice as an ethical journey.

Rob has shared these explorations of practice in many seminars and workshops, and, as an associate of the Adelaide Narrative Therapy Centre, he looks forward to further collaboration in the development of these practices.


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