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Maggie Carey

Maggie Carey has been involved in the practice of narrative therapy since the early 90's and in the teaching of it for the past 10 years. Maggie's therapeutic practice has seen her working alongside young people at risk, with women and children who live with the effects of violence and abuse, and with people having experienced trauma, particularly as refugees.

Since 1994, Maggie has participated with Michael White and others in a number of community projects relating to a range of issues in people's lives. These issues have included responding to grief and loss within Aboriginal communities, responding to people living with mental health issues and to homelessness, to people living with a disability and to women and children who have been subjected to violence.

Maggie currently enjoys a range of opportunities to teach narrative practice and is committed to making the ideas and practice of narrative therapy more generally available. She is one of a core of group of people who, in partnership with Aboriginal colleagues, are developing and facilitating training for a Diploma in Narrative Approaches for Aboriginal Workers. This initiative is sponsored by Nunkuwarrin Yunti in Adelaide. Maggie has taught narrative therapy in many local and international contexts.


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