NARRATIVE PRACTICES ADELAIDE is a small, independent Narrative Therapy centre which offers a range of counselling services to the community. Our counsellors are highly qualified with specialist training in Narrative Therapy and Family Therapy. Shona Russell and Maggie Carey both have extensive experience in counselling and therapeutic services, having worked as counsellors since the mid 1990’s. Terry Callahan joins our counselling team in 2013. He has worked in non-government community settings for more than ten years attending to a wide range of counselling needs.

Shona and Maggie offer counselling with adults, children, young people, couples and families in response to:

  • anxiety

  • relational and family distress

  • sexual abuse

  • the effects of domestic violence

  • grief, loss and trauma

  • depression and other mental health concerns

  • chronic illness

  • drugs and alcohol

  • problem issues in childhood and adolescence

  • work related difficulties

Terry offers counselling with adults, children and adolescents in response to:

  • effects of domestic violence on partners and children

  • adults using tactics of violence, abuse and control in relationships and families

  • children and adolescents who use these tactics against parents, carers and siblings

  • grief and loss

  • alcohol and other drug use

  • depression and anxiety

LOCATION: C/o NADA Counselling, Consulting and Training, 1 Mary St, Hindmarsh 5007. Phone (08) 8340 2240

ACCESS: Nada is 10 minutes from the city centre by car. A free tram service operates between the city and the Entertainment Centre on Port Road. Nada is just around the corner from the Entertainment Centre.

FEES: Fees are set at a reasonable rate and may vary according to income. The fee will be clarified with your counsellor.

MEDICARE REBATE: A Medicare rebate is available under certain circumstances. For further information about this service please contact Shona Russell.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION or to MAKE AN APPOINTMENT with Shona Russell, Maggie Carey or Terry Callahan CALL: (08) 8340 2240.

The Narrative Practices Adelaide Counselling Team

Shona Russell

Shona worked as a family therapist in non Government community based organizations before moving into independent practice in 2000. Shona’s therapeutic work spans a range of contexts including a specialist service working with the effects of childhood sexual abuse, a family therapy team, and independent practice where Shona works with young people, women, men and couples in response to a wide range of concerns. Shona has a longstanding commitment to responding to grief, loss and trauma within Aboriginal communities. Shona is a member of the AASW and is registered as a Mental Health Care Social Worker. For more information about Shona, follow this link.

Further about Shona Russell

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Maggie Carey

Maggie's therapeutic practice has focused since the early 90’s on working alongside women and children who live with the effects of violence and abuse, with young people at risk, and with individuals, groups and communities who have had some experience of trauma. In her independent practice Maggie responds to a range of issues with individuals, couples and families including loss and grief, childhood sexual abuse, eating concerns and anxiety and depression. For more information about Maggie, follow this link.

Further about Maggie Carey

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Rob Hall

Rob has been working in the area of gender violence and abuse since 1980. Rob continues to seek ways of ensuring that intervention with people who have perpetrated abuse is practiced in ways that are consistent with, and promote, responsibility, respect, fairness and accountability. Rob has shared these explorations of practice in many seminars and workshops, and, as an associate of the Narrative Practices Adelaide, he looks forward to further collaboration in the development of these practices.

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Terry Callahan

Terry has worked in non-government community settings in Melbourne and Adelaide for more than ten years, attending to a wide range of counselling needs, including depression, anxiety, work-related stress, and responding in particular to community concerns about violence in families and relationships. He has engaged over the years with community education for peace, small communities development, and collaborative work with writers, artists and actors to bring forward the stories of persons marginalised in our society.

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