Creating Spaces that Re-Invigorate Professional Identity

September 20 & 21 2018, with Sarah Atkinson and Rob Hall

Cost: $375.00

Location: Fullarton Park Community Centre, 411 Fullarton Road, Fullarton. (Parking available onsite)

People connect to their work in professional and personal ways. At times challenging work can shake up our values and can confuse or demoralise. Narrative approaches to being a supervisor or receiving supervision stimulate conversations and practices that re-invigorate intentions and practices for the chosen field of work.

In this workshop, Sarah and Rob will draw on their work as practitioners and supervisors, their therapeutic approaches to mental health concerns and in response to violence, abuse and trauma.

This workshop is best suited to those who are familiar with Narrative approaches. Supervision takes many forms and it is not necessary to be in a supervisory relationship to engage with the content of this workshop. This will be a small workshop and places are limited.

The workshop will cover:

  • What potential Narrative supervision offers.

  • What makes a worthwhile supervisory relationship.

  • What are the values in Narrative Approaches that contribute to supervision.

  • Naming the complexities of power in supervisory relationships and in our work.

  • Consideration of professionalism in the work place and the role of supervision.

  • Practices that enhance personal agency and professional identity.

  • Client story and personal story and the dilemmas when they intertwine.

  • Negotiating the supervisory relationship

  • Complex and competing confidentialities

  • The supervisory parallel journey connecting with non-colonising practices.

  • Exploring documentation of preferred identity

  • Creating audience for re-invigoration of professional identity.

This workshop is endorsed by the AASW for 13 CPD hours. To see the AASW listing, click here.


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