Narrative Therapy & Neuroscience in Responding to Trauma

February 14 & 15 2018, with Maggie Carey and Sarah Atkinson:

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Introduction to Narrative Therapy

March 15-16 2018, with Terry Callahan

Cost: $375.00

A taken-for-granted 'know-how' seems to allow people to 'story' their experience and 'get' what a story is about. This two day workshop for those who are new to narrative ideas and practices, will explore how this common ability might be made even more available in 'narrative ways of working' with the problems of human life.

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Level 1 Intensive: Introduction to Narrative Practice

May 28 - June 1 2018, with Terry Callahan

Cost: $850.00

This introduction to Narrative Practice features an energetic blend of hands-on skills and rigorous reflection that will leave participants keen to explore more. Central practices of the narrative approach (as described by Michael White) will be unfolded, along with an accessible sampling of ideas that inform the practice. This introduction is relevant for a range of contexts, including counselling, families and groups.

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Level 2 Intensive: Extending Narrative Practice

September 17 - 21 2018, with Terry Callahan

Cost: $850.00

An opportunity to refresh your narrative approach, this 5 day intensive workshop opens up space for participants to extend on ideas and practices of narrative therapy they have gained through previous training. The particular interests of participants will actively shape the agenda of the intensive.

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