Narrative Therapy & Neurobiology in Responding to Trauma

February 14 & 15 2018, with Maggie Carey and Sarah Atkinson

Narrative Therapy offers practical skills that support workers when people’s lives have been impacted by trauma. Trauma can have the effect of establishing a sense of vulnerability, hopelessness and a feeling of being stuck in the past events and not able to ‘do’ life.

A Narrative approach can provide many hopeful possibilities in these circumstances. It picks up on the ways in which people, even young children, have responded to what has been difficult or traumatic and this can give entry points to develop stories of personal agency rather than victimhood.

Narrative ways of working have us looking to bring forward story lines that serve to make sense of the on-going painful experience of trauma or of difficult experiences.

In this workshop we will explore how some of the recent findings from the arena of neuroscience can support our practice. Many of these findings seem to have a direct correspondence with the practices of a narrative approach. A particular thread of this is the importance of embodied and affective experience, and how our neurobiology is organised to respond to threat and danger. This can help people who have experienced trauma to be able to make sense of both their actions at the time and subsequent on-going effects of what happened that continue to be difficult and often debilitating. 

Level 1 Intensive: Introduction to Narrative Practice

July 2 - 6 2018, with Terry Callahan

Cost: $850.00

This introduction to Narrative Practice features an energetic blend of hands-on skills and rigorous reflection that will leave participants keen to explore more. Central practices of the narrative approach (as described by Michael White) will be unfolded, along with an accessible sampling of ideas that inform the practice. This introduction is relevant for a range of contexts, including counselling, families and groups.

Level 2 Intensive: Extending Narrative Practice

This workshop has been cancelled. It will be offered again in 2019.

This intensive workshop will provide an opportunity to refresh your narrative approach. Over the course of 5 days, this workshop opens up space for participants to extend on the ideas and practices of narrative therapy they have gained through previous training. The particular interests of participants will actively shape the agenda of the intensive.

Narrative Practices Gathering *NEW DATES*

An opportunity for Narrative practitioners & students to extend their practice through collective conversation.
June 19 & 20 2018, with Sonja Bar-Am

Cost: $375.00

What we know about what works in Narrative Therapy and what may yet be possible to know and create together for all the different folk who consult with us...

Narrative Practices Adelaide would like to invite you to gather with us to explore the relationship between our Narrative Therapy practices and people's lives. Cross-examine your favourite introduction, level one and two theory and philosophy through a closer inspection of the foundational practices against client transcripts.

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