Connectedness, Dignity and Agency, July 12-13 2016 with Lisa Johnson

This workshop is aimed at psychologists, social workers, volunteers, counsellors, mentors, advocates, community and allied health care workers, case-workers, special educators and teachers. 

Are you interested in finding playful and everyday ways of...

  • Getting to know children as more than the problems that vulnerability can bring about.

  • Helping children and young people to unearth stories of their unique abilities, skills and knowledges that can otherwise remain hidden or ignored.

  • Supporting children and their families to reclaim authorship of their own lives in the face of vulnerability, and to take steps toward their hopes and dreams.

  • Actively developing opportunities for children to be meaningfully connected with others, especially those in circumstances isolation.

This two-day workshop will present some key ideas and specific practices in Narrative Therapy. There will be opportunities to see these ideas in action with examples of our work with children and their communities. There will also be space for discussion to support your thinking around how these ideas and practices may fit and build upon the work you are already doing, or hope to do.

For more information and a dowloadable flyer/registration form, click here.