17 - 21 October, with Rob Hall and Terry  Callahan

A Narrative Invitational Approach

This workshop will explore the approaches of Alan Jenkins (Invitations to Responsibility & Becoming Ethical), the partnership accountability emphasis of Rob Hall, and processes of Narrative Therapy. It will provide a rigorous reflective and practical engagement with ideas and skills which promote responsibility-taking for men, while addressing accountability to children and women affected by control and abuse.

This 5 day intensive practice-based workshop will explore respectful and accountable ways of engaging with men when there are concerns about his use of violence, abuse and coercive control in his relationships with partners, ex-partners and children. Utilising ideas and practices developed by Alan Jenkins (Invitations to Responsibility; Becoming Ethical) and Michael White (Maps of Narrative Practice) participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Reflect on first steps in conversations with men who have hurt those they love

  • Consider ways to open up ‘ethical space’ in conversations with men, from where they can review and critique their own violence or control

  • Develop confidence in ‘respectfully interrupting’ the appearance of self-intoxicating and worked-up stories from men

  • Deepen their awareness and practices of accountability to (ex)partners and children by inviting men to step into the ‘world of the other’

  • Grasp the significance of shame in men’s ethical journeys towards responsibility

  • Step into considerations of how men might move towards ‘restitution’ and ‘reparation’ in the face of ongoing serious effects of violence and control on partners and children

  • Practice skills in assisting men to reauthor preferred, richer accounts of identities as men, partners, and fathers. Consider opportunities to find audiences (through use of documents, video, or Outside Witness practices) to these preferred identities

  • Reflect on their own ethical journey as counsellors or therapists towards a decentered and influential position in their work with men

Participants will be required to bring with them a copy of Becoming Ethical by Alan Jenkins and Maps of Narrative Practice by Michael White. These books will be constantly referred to throughout the workshop, recommended readings will be drawn from them and they will be an ongoing resource for participants. These books are available for purchase from NADA Counselling Service (the workshop venue), 1 Mary St, Hindmarsh 5007, Ph. 8340 2240

For more information and a downloadable flyer/registration form, click here.