May 5-6 2016, with Shona Russell

Thinking Together in Relationship in Ways that Re-Invigorate Professional Identity

Narrative approaches offer many interesting possibilities in supervision. The focus of this workshop is to explore a range of practices that contribute to a reinvigoration of professional identity, respectful ways of exploring complex concerns and challenges, and enlivening ways of creating an audience for the work people do.

The following specific themes and practices will be explored:

  • Negotiating supervision and fostering agency– how can a context of negotiation about what supervision is be created and a context where practitioners think together in relationship be formed?

  • The position we take as supervisors – addressing relations of power

  • Re-storying professional identity through keeping faith with what is given value

  • The rites of passage metaphor as it relates to professional identity and the co-construction of knowledge

  • Alternative proposals for responding to worker distress, fatigue and exhaustion: pain as testimony – distress as tribute

  • Creating audiences for re- storying professional identity

  • Documents of identity – scaffolding skills and knowledges

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