International Narrative Therapy Conference, 13 - 18 October 2016, Mumbai, India.

Organised by the Ummeed Child Development Center, Mumbai, in collaboration with Narrative Practices Adelaide and Re-Authoring Teaching, Vermont, this conference is sure to be a very rewarding and enriching experience, both personally and professionally.

The list of presenters includes David Epston, America Bracho, Maggie Carey, Shona Russell, Peggy Sax, Jaswant Guzder, Scot Cooper, Jehanzeb Baldiwala, Su Ellen Hamkins, Lisa Johnson, Laurie Markham and David Marsten. (For more information see

The conference will provide a platform for sharing the ideas and practices of the narrative approach in the context of therapy, group work, supervision and community work and opportunities for capacity building to professionals and community workers from India and overseas. It will include pre and post conference workshops, oral and poster presentations and panel discussions from a wide range of renowned practitioners in the field.

The conference marks an important milestone in the roadmap toward increased awareness about the narrative approach and it's use in working with mental health needs of children, families and communities as well as developmental disability.

Attending this conference will also be an opportunity to discover Mumbai, the city of dreams. Best known for it's rich cultural and humanitarian tradition, Mumbai is a modern, vibrant, fascinating city, with historic and modern achievements that has captured the heart of many a visitor.

This workshop is being hosted in India by the Ummeed Child Development Center.

Built firmly on the belief that every child has a right to a meaningful life and every parent has a right to dream, Ummeed Child Development Center is a non-profit organization started in 2001 by Dr. Vibha Krishnamurthy, a Harvard educated developmental paediatrician. It is now one of the country's leading NGOs, much respected for its work in the field of children with disabilities. Ummeed provides specialized care for developmental disabilities and has focused in the past 6 years on training, research and advocacy in addition to clinical care for children and families. Ummeed's mission is to help children with disabilities or at high risk for disabilities, reach their maximum potential and be included in society.

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